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A slender thermally separated profile contributes elegance to architecture

A restrained, filigree aesthetic is one of the most important criteria for owners and architects when using profiles in modern facades. TORMAX, has now developed the slenderest thermally separated lightweight frame profile for automatic door systems available in the market - the LR 32THERM lightweight frame profile.

With a visual width of only 35mm, this profile impresses the viewer not only by its extremely slender aluminium design but it also stands out from the crowd by its low heat transfer coefficient (UD value). Properties such as wind loading, air permeability and resistance to driving rain which are important in building physics were tested to FprEN 16361. Use of this profile significantly reduces heat loss, thus lowering heating costs and environmental damage. The outstanding thermal insulation properties of the LR 32THERM lightweight frame profile were tested and certified by the famous Berne University of Applied Science for Architecture, Wood and Construction (Berner Fachhochschule für Architektur, Holz und Bau). Door solutions with this profile system not only meet the German Energy Conservation Regulations ENEV 2009 with respect to thermal insulation but also the safety standard DIN18650 and its European supplement, EN16005.

The lightweight frame profile is ideally suited to exterior use in conjunction with elegant TORMAX sliding door drives. Its affinity with the TORMAX lightweight frame profile LR 22B for internal doors opens up a whole range of possible combinations for owners and architects.